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A serious prognosis is less serious than a guarded prognosis. The individual may recover, but there is still a chance for other problems. They could face an infection that could become worse, for instance. A patient with a critical prognosis is more serious than a patient with a guarded prognosis. The patient has a slight chance of recovery.


Hi all, wondering if anyone could tell me what it means to have a guarded prognosis? I went to the hospital today to collect my pt assignment/information for clinical tomorrow and I read in the doctors notes that the pts prognosis is guarded. My instructor wasnt there and the unit was busy so it ...


Guarded is usually more ill than a serious prognosis, but not as ill as critical. The doctor is not exactly sure of what the patient’s probability for recovery might be, but they still believe that the patient has a (slight) chance of recovery.


guarded prognosis: A prognosis given by a physician when the outcome of a patient's illness is in doubt.


Guarded prognosis is the step above Poor. It basically means the odds are not in your favor for a full and healthy recovery. You will also hear "very guarded prognosis" which is a notch lower towards poor.


What is a guarded prognosis. July 10, ... The analysis produced a lot of descriptive terms relating to prognosis/risk and outcome which come under the title of ‘words of estimative probability’ (WEPS). Only once (1/140) was there a time frame/numerical probability given. This use of WEPS only is however not an unusual occurrence, in fact as ...


It has been suggested to me that the term “guarded condition” might refer to prisoners who are surrounded by guards while hospitalized. Although this is technically correct, I doubt that this is the true definition of the term. I have concluded that “guarded condition” cannot be defined medically, and perhaps, should not be used.


Guarded definition is - cautious, circumspect. How to use guarded in a sentence.


Therefore prognosis is a prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease. By combining the two terms a new concept emerges; guarded prognosis. Guarded prognosis refers to a situation when the doctor makes, evaluates a forgiving but then keep the findings from him or her.


Some Terms used to Describe a Medical Patient's Condition can be confusing and hard to understand. Here is an easy to understand Guide of Medical Patient Terms.