The term "Gray code" refers to a binary progression of coded numbers where successive terms only differ by a single bit position. It was named after Frank Gray, who devised the binary reflected Gray code used to convert ... More »

Lowe's and Sears carry slate gray appliances. GE also makes a specific brand of appliances in slate gray, known as GE Slate, and these are available on the GE Appliance website. More » Home & Garden Appliances

Style Selections sells natural brown, sienna red, beechwood brown, natural grey and cedar ultra-low maintenance composite decking. The brand also features autumn brown, gray, fieldstone gray and red composite deck trim b... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Ada Byron wrote a plan giving suggestions on how the Analytical Engine, created by Charles Babbage, could be used to produce a table of the Bernoulli numbers. In 1979, the U.S. Department of Defense developed a software ... More »

The arithmetic sum formula is Sn = n/2 {2a + (n-1) d} where Sn is the sum of n-terms of an arithmetic progression, the first term is ‘a’ and the common difference between any two consecutive terms is given by d. More » Math Arithmetic

In computer programming, a "mnemonic code" is an abbreviated term that is used to define a specific command or function, according to Techopedia. These shorter codes provide the same functionality as the original term bu... More »

Festive attire often appears as a dress code term around the holiday season, and it generally means cocktail attire with a bit of holiday flair, such as a red skirt for women or a holiday-colored, striped top for men. Th... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes