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This would suggest grand-uncle as the preferred form but in fact, as your chart shows, great-uncle is more common. Perhaps what is going on is that both words are possible English forms of grand-oncle, but for some reason grand-uncle does not feel appropriate, leaving the way clear for great-uncle to become standard. They are both used, and ...


Define great-uncle. great-uncle synonyms, great-uncle pronunciation, great-uncle translation, English dictionary definition of great-uncle. or great uncle n. A brother or brother-in-law of one's grandparent.


A grand uncle, also sometimes called a great uncle, is the uncle of one's parent. As such, he is also the brother of one of a person's grandparents. To a grand uncle, a person is a grand nephew or great nephew. There is some discussion among genealogists as to whether the correct term is "grand uncle" or "great uncle."


A grand-uncle or granduncle or great-uncle is the brother of one's grandparent. Half-great-uncle or half-granduncle is the half-brother of one's grandparent. Great-uncle-in-law or granduncle-in-law is the husband of one's great-aunt or grandaunt (sister of one's grandparent).


A Grand Uncle is the brother of a Grandma or Grandpa. The Grandma/Grandpa refer to their children by first name but from the Grand Uncle perspective they are his niece and nephew.


Although grand-aunt or uncle is the official title, grand-aunts and uncles are often referred to as great-aunts and uncles, and many families simply use the title "aunt" for grand- and great-grandaunts and uncles. The title of great or grand-aunt also applies to sister-in-laws, not just sisters by blood.


Aunts and Uncles: Grand, Not Great ... Great-aunt or great-uncle is a lot like second cousin: It’s common practice for people to call their grandparents’ siblings by these terms, just as they often refer to first cousins’ children as second cousins—but neither is technically correct.


Granduncle definition is - an uncle of one's father or mother. Recent Examples on the Web. But whereas his granduncle has a track record of operational performance and investing acumen, Rozek appears to have been a beneficiary of a confluence of events with a dash of humility. — Fortune, "Warren Buffett's Grandnephew Skirts Comparisons and Beats the Market Anyway," 27 Dec. 2017 C...


Define granduncle. granduncle synonyms, granduncle pronunciation, granduncle translation, English dictionary definition of granduncle. n. See great-uncle. n another name for great-uncle n. an uncle of one's father or mother; great-uncle.


Granduncle definition, an uncle of one's father or mother; a great-uncle. See more.