A goods received note is a receipt given to the supplier to confirm delivery or acceptance of goods by the customer. After the supplier receives this note, a payment invoice is sent to the customer. More »

Write a thank you note for a gift by hand, with sincerity and as soon as possible. A nice thank you note shows appreciation for the gift. Handwritten notes add personalization as well. More »

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Suitable messages for thank you notes will depend largely on the context and nature of the thanks being given. However, some general thank you messages include "I'm humbled and grateful," "You're the best," "I'm touched ... More »

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A remittance advice slip is a document sent from a customer to a supplier to indicate that invoices have been paid. The remittance advice slip includes invoice amounts and numbers, as well as any notes or changes that ma... More »

A delivery schedule is the timing or the rate of delivery agreed upon between the supplier and the buyer of goods or services. A delivery schedule contains information concerning the quantities of goods for delivery and ... More »

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Medical billing codes identify procedures, diagnoses and certain devices or equipment involved in the delivery and billing of health care services. The three major coding sets involved in medical billing are Current Proc... More »

To build a good procurement strategy for your business, you need to clearly identify the scope of your needs for goods and services. This requires you to create a plan for approaching the process in a cost-effective mann... More »

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