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At most schools, 8th grade is the last year that students participate in the Science Fair. Help your 8th grader make the most of his or her last Science Fair! In this post, we’ve assembled 20 science fair project ideas for 8th grade.


Good eighth-grade science fair project ideas entail experiments that are easy to perform, yet clearly demonstrate a scientific principle. Science project ideas include examining the results of a change in air pressure, assessing the effect of colors on human blood pressure and documenting the effect of different wavelengths of light on phosphorescent material.


A good 8th grade science experiment should center around use of the scientific method, particularly if the project will be graded or displayed at a science fair. A topic that interests the student can lead to a positive experiment experience.


8th grade science fair projects tend to involve the scientific method and designing an experiment and not making models or explaining processes. You'll be expected to present data in the form of tables and graphs. Typed reports and posters are the norm (sorry, no handwritten text). You should do the project yourself, rather than enlist heavy-duty help from a parent or older student.


Our eighth grade projects are written and tested by scientists and are specifically created for use by students in the eighth grade. Students can choose to follow the science experiment as written or put their own spin on the project. For a personalized list of science projects, eighth graders can use the Science Buddies Topic Selection Wizard ...


Have fun while learning important scientific principals by conducting a cool science experiment. Eighth graders are not typically required to come up with an original experiment, but the presentation of the experiment should strive to be engaging and distinctive.


Check out these fun 8th grade science fair projects and experiments. We have a wide variety of science fair ideas for any interest!


There are some great ideas here: Science Fair Project Ideas Just have fun! Do something you are interested in. Explore Newton's Third Law (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) in a new way. You know the awesome Coke and Mentos trick? ...


By 8th grade, kids are ready for more advanced experiments and activities, so inspire them with projects like extracting their own DNA or conducting fingerprint analysis. Below, our favorite 8th grade science projects and experiments. (Always remember to use safety precautions and supervise kids around fires and chemicals, please.) 1.


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