A garage refrigerator kit is a system designed to trick your refrigerator into running the compressor more consistently when the garage gets cold. It consists of installing a small heater to prevent the thermostat from r... More »

Refrigerator accessories may be purchased at Best Buy stores in the United States. Customers may make an order online for the items to be shipped to a U.S. address. Additionally, Frigidaire, Lowe’s and Samsung also have ... More »

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A refrigerator can be placed in an unheated garage if the temperatures stay at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Refrigerators are designed to be run at room temperature, between 67 and 77 degrees. They work fairly well u... More »

Under normal circumstances, a refrigerator's compressor typically runs more than 50 percent of the time. Compressors in some energy-efficient refrigerators run 80 to 90 percent of the time. Run times vary based on the sp... More »

A refrigerator may stop cooling due to a power problem, an electrical issue, dirty condenser coils, malfunctioning door seals or a nonworking compressor. If an individual is unable to solve the refrigerator’s problem, a ... More »

To replace a refrigerator motor, known as a compressor, a person needs pliers, gloves, refrigerant and a screwdriver. People should also keep in mind that this could be a dangerous and difficult repair, and it is recomme... More »

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A refrigerator relay, or start relay, jump-starts the refrigerator's compressor. Without the relay, no electrical charge is delivered to the compressor and the refrigerator does not cool. Relays usually make a loud click... More »