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A "fifth-year senior" is slang for students in their fifth year of study at a program designed to be completed in four years. It often results due to failed coursework or not taking a full workload.


Being a fifth-year senior is not something to be ashamed of or to worry about. Ask any college graduate and they’ll tell you that they would give anything to go back to the glory days. Lucky for us, we have an extra year to savor! That said, live it up and take advantage of all of the perks around campus. Work hard, study hard, and play hard.


I am going to be a fifth year senior and graduate in 2018. My two best friends from freshman year are graduating early (3.5 years) and I just feel like I am being left behind. I am starting to regret changing my major to a 4 year nursing program and just wish i did a 2 year program.


What is meant by a fifth year senior when playing football in college? ... make sure that you do as well as possible in your junior and senior years to help make up for it.


Super Senior (Chinese: 长辈甜心) is a Singaporean family drama produced and telecast on MediaCorp Channel 8.The show aired at 9 pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8 am the following day. The drama began production in February 2015 and made its run from 18 June to 15 July 2015.


The term super senior is used in the United States to refer to a fifth-year student who has not completed the graduation requirements by the end of the fourth year, and thus is required to stay an additional year to complete said requirements.


After all, in this transition period that being a 5th year senior is, we are probably focusing more on what we are going to do AFTER college than trying to delve deeper into college itself. 3. All of our friends in our grade graduated.


Typically, fifth year students are seen as slackers or underachievers, but over 95% percent of Notre Dame students graduate in four or five years, depending on the program. In addition, since I am not a graduate student, that puts me and only 34 other fifth year architecture majors in a unique category of undergraduate “seniors” obtaining ...


Oh, and if you're talking about a PG year instead of a fifth year of high school, that's different. However, PG years don't include going to school for a fifth year and taking AP classes, do they? If you want to do a PG year, do something valuable with your time like study abroad or intensive sports training or volunteer work.


Do You Have a Super Senior? Making the Most of the Fifth Year of College. March 18, 2017 May 12, ... if your student finds that she will be spending a fifth year in college, both you and your student should discuss the situation. ... College Parent Central receives a small percentage of your purchase price. This does not change the cost to you ...