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What Is a Family Tendency? A family tendency relates to the presence of a disease or condition in the parents or grandparents of an individual. This statistically increases a person's likelihood of being affected by the same condition. Family tendency is not synonymous with a genetic link. It indicates there is a statistical increase of ...


In my opinion family tendencies can be both biological and social. Our family has the tendency to gain weight in no time. Similarly in old age people get diabetic.Both the trends are interlinked with the tendency to over eat and over stress. Socia...


Some family tendencies are: the tendency to argue (or not to argue); the tendency to help each other (or not to help each other), the tendency to eat meals together (or not to eat meals together ...


It could be a medical condition that is common in a certain extended family such as tendency for diabetis. It could also mean a lifestyle or behavior that is characteristic of a certain family Ex: living expensively, living frugally, alocholic, high expectations, marry very young, not marry until late 20's or older.


A positive family history of one or two first-degree relatives having had melanoma substantially increases the risk on a genetic basis. A family tendency is observed in 8% to 12% of patients. Read ...


A family tendency is something that is passed down in your family, such as medical problem (asthma, cataracts, etc.). I hope this has helped you. Cas. Answered by Anonymous on 16th September, 2009. Report This +1. 11-1.


5. I’m from the (description of family tendency) And (another family tendency) 6. From (something you were told as a child) and (something else you were told as a child) 7. I’m from (representation of religion or lack of it) (further description) 8. I’m from (place of birth and family ancestry) (two food items representing your family) 9.


Tendency definition, a natural or prevailing disposition to move, proceed, or act in some direction or toward some point, end, or result: the tendency of falling bodies toward the earth. See more.


Define tendency. tendency synonyms, tendency pronunciation, tendency translation, English dictionary definition of tendency. n. pl. ten·den·cies 1. ... used in the plural in the phrase `left to your own devices'; "eventually the family left the house to the devices of this malevolent force"; "the children were left to their own devices"


A tendency is an inclination to do something. For example, dogs have a tendency to bark at strangers and the mail man.