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A Doberman-husky mix is a cross between a Doberman Pinscher and a Siberian Husky. Like all hybrid breeds, the physical, mental and emotional traits of this dog are unpredictable and encompass the spectrum of both parents.


The Doberman Husky Mix, is a hybrid mix breed dog created by breeding the Doberman Pinscher and the Siberian Husky. It is always hard to tell what a mixed breed dog will be like, but if you continue reading below we will dive into this hybrid deeper. Continue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Doberman Husky Mix.


Doberman and Husky Mix Considering everything above, you can definitely say, that a final Doberman-Husky mix will be a friendly and loyal dog, with strong muscular build, calm and a steady, enduring character.


Doberman Husky Mix. The Doberman Husky Mix is a result of breeding a Doberman Pinscher and Siberian Husky. Both breeds are common, which is why the Husky Doberman mix won’t be hard to find. However, knowing what your pup may turn out as will be hard, and it’s possible that it may possess personalities more dominating than others.


Wonderful Dober mix. See more ideas about Doberman pinscher, Husky hybrid and Doberman.


Siberian Husky / Doberman Pinscher Mix care, owner reviews, recommended foods. Top Siberian Husky / Doberman Pinscher Mix breeders. Are Siberian Husky / Doberman Pinscher Mix puppies playful? Find the answer on RightPet.


we have a couple dogs at work that look a lot like that and their owners are proud to announce that they're some kind of designer mix thing - I can never remember which one. I hope they get good homes...the thought of a husky and dobe personality mixed scares me a bit though


Husky Doberman mix. Best dog ever! Husky Doberman mix. Best dog ever! . Visit. Discover ideas about Doberman Mix ... Visit. Discover ideas about Doberman Mix. Husky Doberman mix. Best dog ever! Doberman Mix Siberian Husky Mix Cool Pets I Love Dogs Best Dogs Animal Pictures Animals And Pets Dog Lovers Doggies. More information. Vicky Murar ...


The Pup is a Doberman crossed with a Siberian Husky In this video his mother nips at him playfully to get a reaction, Puppy growls and snaps, ~~~SUBSCRIBE~~~...


A Husky-Lab mix dog, also known as a Siberian Retriever, is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Labrador Retriever, according to Dogable. This mixed breed is not to be confused with the purebred Labrador Husky.