A customer comment card invites clients of a company to give feedback and express their opinions. These cards serve to measure the levels of customer satisfaction and also indicate areas that are in need of supplementary... More »

A good customer comment card has a professional appearance, provides a reward or incentive for customers to fill it out and respects customers' time. A good card also only addresses or asks about issues the business is o... More »

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Comment cards provide a valuable communicative link between customers and owners of service-oriented businesses such as restaurants. Make a comment card by choosing the right questions for the card, providing an opportun... More »

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Examples of long-term business goals include doubling business revenue by the end of the fiscal year, increasing positive customer feedback by 85 percent and upgrading annual business website traffic by 40 percent. In or... More »

Develop agile projects by incorporating the key elements of agile software development into the entire process, including an emphasis on developer interaction and customer feedback along with flexibility to adapt to curr... More »

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In an organization, the informational flow is the facts, ideas, data and opinions that are discussed throughout the company. Information is constantly flowing through organizations and acts as the blood of the company. W... More »

Information helpful to include in a business plan for a transportation company includes the long-term goals of the company, a definition of its prospective clients and research on its competition and overall industry seg... More »

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