A Chinook wind is a weather phenomenon that creates warm, dry air that blows down the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. The name Chinook means "snow eater," as the wind occurs most frequently in winter and can disr... More »

Examples of used Class B motorhome vehicles for sale include the Roadtrek 200 Popular, Chinook Premier 21 and Gulf Stream B Cruiser. Additional examples include the Winnebago Rialta, Leisure Travel Unity and Four Winds S... More »

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The Renegade Craft Fair travels to Portland, Oregon, every year in July and features a selection of independent craft works along with do-it-yourself workshop lessons and refreshments from local artisans. The Northwest A... More »

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The AcuRite remote weather sensor is a solar-powered weather station that collects and digitizes weather information concerning temperature, wind speed, humidity, wind direction and rainfall. It then broadcasts the data ... More »

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The seven weather elements are temperature, air pressure, cloud formation, humidity, precipitation, sunshine and wind velocity. These are the weather elements that are charted to enhance safety and quality of life. More »

A weather thermometer measure the surrounding outside or inside air temperature. The thermometer, which is a device composed of a long tube with a fluid in it, is enclosed in a glass rod. The fluid inside the tube can be... More »

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The weather changes due to factors like gravity, sunlight, topography, oceans and the movement of air affecting the atmosphere. The atmosphere can be changed through several forces that are both terrestrial and extraterr... More »