According to Kenyon College, a biological disorder is defined as the disturbance of a normal life process. The use of the term "biological" may also indicate that the disturbance is genetically obtained. More »

As defined by the Psychology Dictionary, a biological factor is that which affects the behavior and function of an organism and includes any condition that has a psychological effect on a living being. More »

Biopsychology represents the approach to psychology that studies the biological events that shape actions, thoughts and feelings. The research conducted by biopsychologists investigates the neural, genetic and endocrine ... More »

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Common symptoms of emotional disturbance include aggression toward other people, objects and self and withdrawal that goes beyond normal shyness, says Other symptoms include hyperactivity and learning diff... More »

People with hoarding disorder exhibit symptoms of excessive attachment to their belongings and may feel uneasy allowing other people to borrow or touch their things, or apprehension at throwing away or disposing of any i... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by obsessive, intrusive thoughts, repetitive behaviors (compulsions) and sometimes tics (sudden, involuntary movements). In order to be diagnosed wit... More »