A bi-color German shepherd is black with tan legs. The toes have very thin black stripes called pencil markings. Most German shepherds are a mixture of black and tan, but bi-colors have a distinct pattern from these two-... More »

The best way to adopt a German shepherd for free is to work with your local animal shelter or breed rescue. Some of these organizations occasionally waive adoption fees. More »

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A German shepherd is not fully grown physically or mentally until after it's 3 years old. German shepherds are known for remaining puppies longer than most breeds. Even though German shepherds may be quite large at 6 mon... More »

There is no such thing as a miniature German shepherd. Dogs that appear to be small German shepherds are probably mixed-breed dogs. Dwarf German shepherds are occasionally born. More »

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East German shepherds, a variation of the German shepherd, were bred in East Germany during the separation of the country from 1945 to 1990. The dogs are distinctive in body type, range of color and general temperament. More »

A brindle German shepherd is a German shepherd dog with a brindle coat. Brindle is a coat pattern in dogs that's made up of light streaks of color on a darker background of the same hue. Brindle is a very rare coat patte... More »

A DDR German shepherd is a particular type of German shepherd bred by the East German government, which is also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik. They were first bred in the days of the Berlin Wall and have slow... More »

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