A base metal bezel is the part of a watch made from non-precious metals that holds the protective covering known as the crystal in place. Common base metals include copper, zinc, brass and other relatively inexpensive me... More »

According to PrestigeTime.com, the term bezel refers to the ring located on the top side of the watch case. The bezel often has time increments marked on it. Movable bezels can serve other functions, such as tracking ela... More »

To remove scratches from a watch face, tape the bezel, then rub diamond paste on the face using a clean cloth. Wipe the paste off, and repeat the process until the scratches are gone. You need diamond paste in 3 microns ... More »

If a bezel is identified as "10k RGP," it means the metal plating is 10 karat rolled gold-filled. This type of layer contains less gold than solid gold or gold-filled items. A 10k rolled gold-filled covering is at least ... More »

It is possible to get the crystal replaced on a Fossil watch by sending the watch to Fossil for repair. However, replacement of the crystal is not covered under Fossil's warranty. More »

To set a mechanical watch, pull the crown as far away from the watch base as possible. After pulling the crown, turn it clockwise until the hands reach the time desired. Push the crown back in, and turn it until a small ... More »

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Turn the watch onto its side and place it on a flat surface. Position a micro screwdriver that matches the width of the watch's pin over the right pin of the link to be removed. Lift both sides of the link and gently pus... More »