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What Is a Bank Cubic Yard? A bank cubic yard, or BCY, is the calculation or measurement of 1 cubic yard of earth or rock in its natural state before it is removed from the ground. The volume measurement is commonly used in the mining and construction fields.


One Bank Cubic Yard (BCY) equals 27 cubic feet (3'x3'x3') of earth in situ. When excavated and loaded loosely into a truck, the original one BCY of material expands to approximately 1.25 Cubic ...


A cubic yard is a cube that measures one (linear) yard on eachedge. There are 36 inches to the (linear) yard. To calculate the volume of a cube, raise the length of its edge tothe power of three.


The bank cubic yard is "as is" in the ground. When you dig it up, the volume will increase, so there would be more losse cubic yards. Assuming the numbers are reversed by the 1.15 factor is right, it would be 1.725 tons per banked cubic yard.


Define bank cubic yard. bank cubic yard synonyms, bank cubic yard pronunciation, bank cubic yard translation, English dictionary definition of bank cubic yard. n. 1. a. The measured arrangement of words in poetry, as by accentual rhythm, syllabic quantity, or the number of syllables in a line. b. A particular...


Bank Cubic Yard; All Meanings. ... What does BCY stand for? BCY stands for "Bank Cubic Yards" How to abbreviate Bank Cubic Yards? Bank Cubic Yards can be abbreviated as BCY. What is BCY abbreviation? One of the meanings of BCY is "Bank Cubic Yards" What is the abbreviation for Bank Cubic Yards?


Job Efficiency Factors for Earthmoving Operations Units of Measure Cubic Yard (bank, loose, or compacted) Volume Bank: VB Bank cubic yards (BCY) Density B Lb /BCY Loose: Vl Loose cubic yards (LCY) Density L Lb/LCY Compacted: Vc Compacted cubic yards (CCY) Density C LB/CCY Swell: A soil increase in volume when it is excavated.


Bank/Loose/Compacted Volume Conversions using Swell and Shrinkage Bank Cubic Yards Bank Cubic Yards (BCY) is the undisturbed state of soils in the ground. It is sometimes referred to as “in situ” or “in place”. Why do we use Bank Cubic Yards? Because massive road projects


I might be over thinking this simple concept, but I would like for it to be automatic come test time. Below are the equations that I have come up with for BCY, LCY, and CCY while working example problems Do these look correct? Any changes or other suggestions? BCY = bank cubic yards LCY = loose c...


Answer to What is the difference between a bank cubic yard, a loose cubic yard, and a compacted cubic yard? Why are they....