A baby wolverine can be called either a cub or kit. They are born fully furred with white fur in litters of an average of two or three kits per pregnancy.

A baby wolverine is called a "kit," the same name given to baby foxes. Two or three kits are usually born at a time, and these groups are called a "litter."

A baby tree is called an infant, just like a baby human. During this phase, the trees are very thin and small, and though many grow on their own, human interaction with care and attention can help them thrive.


Baby foxes are usually called pups, but are also occasionally referred to as kits or cubs. Each year a female gives birth to a new litter consisting of three to 12 pups.

A baby coyote is called a pup or whelp. Young coyotes are raised in dens just like wolves. Coyotes can live up to 14 years in the wild.

Baby wolves are called pups. Typically, a litter has four to six pups, which are called litter mates. Wolves live in family groups called packs, usually consisting of a male and female parent and their pups.

Baby wolves are known as pups or puppies. Wolves belong to the same genus as the domesticated dog, canus, and all canine babies are known as pups. In fact, all dogs are descended from wolves.