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What Is a Baby Dragon Called? The offspring of dragons are referred to as hatchlings, wyrmlings or whelps in most fantasy settings and stories. While they vary in size, most dragons seem to share a few common traits, such as the ability to fly and breathe fire.


I've read many different booka and watched many different films about dragons, and while there's lots of differences in the dragons' appearance and abilities in differing books and films, one main difference is what they call a baby dragon (drake, hatchling, chick etc.) Just interested to know what do you call baby dragons?


Best Answer: In the fantasy literature I've read, the most common term is "dragonette". "Drake" (in literature that I've read) is used either as the equivalent of "dragon" or for "lesser" dragons - a different, sometimes flightless species of dragon.


Baby Komodo dragons are called hatchlings. As they grow a bit older, they don't have a special name; they are just referred to as babies. Komodo dragons have a tendency to eat their young.


A baby Dragon is called a Dragonling, a hatchling, o... you have to talk to that little red thing in FalconReach named Twilly and complete the Dragon Egg Saga. at the end of it, you will have a ...


baby blue dragons are in the taverly dungeon. you'll need a dusty key. just go to the location where it says blue dragons on the map of the dungeon. the door you have to enter just before you can ...


More or less just make up, what ever you want. I don't really don't think there are any true terms for it. It's your book so use the words you want. You can call a baby dragon a "dave" is you want. Maybe research reptiles and see what terms used with them and you can twist them into a dragon idea. _____


Best Answer: It depends on the age. Very young ones are called hatchlings. If they are at least one year old, they are called dragonlings. Once they hit ten years, they are called drakes or wyrms, depending on whether or not they have wings.


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