Ymail.com is an alternate ending or domain for a Yahoo email address. Yahoo introduced the Ymail.com email address option in June 2008. The "Ymail" name stands for Yahoo Mail. More »

Ymail is a domain offered by Yahoo Mail. The domain was introduced in 2008 as an effort to attract new users and hold onto existing ones who were leaving for other providers. Ymail uses the same interface as Yahoo Mail. More »

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Powered by Yahoo, the Frontier home page provides access to Frontier customer services, including Frontier email, bill pay and customer help, alongside Yahoo news stories and access to Yahoo services. When customers log ... More »

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According to GoDaddy, the .CA domain extension in an Internet address represents that the website has connections to or is intended to cater to Canadian audiences. The extension is the official top-level domain name exte... More »

A domain name is a unique address on the Internet that identifies computers and networks. It works as a part of the Domain Name System through which a user can assign an alphanumerical designation to an IP address, makin... More »

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DNS, which stands for "Domain Name System," works like a phone book that converts a domain name or website name into an Internet protocol (IP) address, a unique number that identifies every device on a network. DNS enabl... More »

The easiest way to find the owner of a domain name is to visit the WHOIS website at Whois.net and then search for the exact Web address or domain name. The website provides the owner's name, street address, phone number ... More »