Whole-body vibration is a type of passive exercise during which a person stands on a rapidly vibrating plate, according to WebMD. The vibrations of the plate transmit energy to the whole body, causing involuntary muscle ... More »

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Foot tattoos tend to hurt more intensely than tattoos on other locations of the body, because feet have less muscle than the rest of the body, explains Whole Addiction Tattoo. Tattoos hurt more in areas where bones and t... More »

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Although snakes are cold-blooded and depend on the environment to regulate their body temperature, they are found on every continent save Antarctica. There are over 3,000 species of snake. More »

Fluttering sensations are a type of heart palpitation, and they may be caused by harmless factors such as caffeine consumption, exercise, pregnancy or stress, Cleveland Clinic explains. However, palpitations may signal a... More »

Possible causes of cramps in the feet include poor blood circulation in the legs, muscle fatigue, nutrient deficiency and not enough stretching before exercise, according to WebMD. Muscle cramps are also a side effect of... More »

To ease nerve pain, individuals should manage diabetes, exercise or take a bath, explains WebMD. Refraining from alcohol, getting more sleep and using over-the-counter treatments such as capsaicin cream may also help to ... More »

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Potential reasons for blood in urine include bladder or kidney infections, bladder stones, kidney stones and strenuous exercise, explains WebMD. It also occurs due to sickle cell anemia; an enlarged prostate; bladder, pr... More »

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