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In fact, the formality of Dominican dress surprises some visitors, as most local residents do not wear casual attire outside of the home. While it is not uncommon for tourists to wear sandals, shorts and t-shirts in the Dominican Republic, those who call the island home generally wear formal pants, dress shirts and skirts in public settings.


The traditional clothing of the Dominican Republic is predominantly a result of Spanish and African influences. Even if the Taíno population hadn’t shrunk to next to nothing under Spanish rule, they’d still have little to pass down in the way of clothing traditions.


Dominican people dress similarly to Americans. Most wear summer clothes, like sandals, T-shirts, skirts, light jackets and sweaters. For special occasions, women may wear long dresses and skirts in bright colors like orange and yellow. Spanish influence is also present in the way that people in The Dominican Republic dress.


Traditional Clothing When Christopher Columbus came over to the Dominican Republic he brought some Spanish influence to the traditional clothing worn today such as bright colors like yellow, red, orange. Most of the time they wear summer time clothing like t-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops, sweaters, light jackets and blouses.


Culture of Dominican Republic - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family Cr-Ga ... and boiled chestnuts are served at Christmas. Fish is the traditional dish at Easter. Basic Economy. The Dominican Republic is among the fastest-growing economies in Latin America. ... Professional men wear business suits or ...


The Dominican Republic has a rich and complex history, from its early discovery in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, to its struggle for democracy in modern times. Traditional Dominican fashion takes its style cues from a diverse social and cultural mixing pot of French, Spanish, African, and native peoples’ customs.


Traditional clothes such as long dresses with bright colors like orange, yellow and red showing Spanish influence with matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings are worn on occasions, Dominicans most of the time wear summer clothes such as t-shirts, sandals, shirts or blouses, skirts, light jacket, and sweaters.


*** What is the name of the national dress worn by men and women in the Dominican Republic? *** Even though it has existed for a long time as part of Dominican culture the traditional Dominican dress didn’t have an official name (or a name at all)...


I agree with Yuliana. I myself was going to explain a little about the typical Dominican dress… … however I noticed that the question stated “traditional ...


What is the traditional dress of the Dominican Republic? Traditional clothes such as long dresses with bright colors like orange, yellow and red showing Spanish influence with matching necklaces ...