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Hides have to be split into two layers before they can be used as furniture leather. The bottom layer created by that split is referred to as split leather or sometimes as bottom grain.


Leather is created by using the skins or hides of animals. Leather is commonly made from the skin of cows, goats, pigs and sheep.


Leather making is one of the oldest human activities, and dates all the way back to the hunter/gatherer days.There was no such thing as a needle and cloth to sew clothes, so they used the skins of the animals they killed for food.


Leathers are typically categorized into aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented types. Leathers are also classified as full-grain pigmented, corrected-grain pigmented, finished split leather and antique grain.


Man-made leather is a synthetic fabric or synthetic leather made from polyvinyl chloride or from polyurethane. This material is also referred to as faux leather or leatherette. It is chemically treated to resemble real leather.


Blended leather is a product made from leather scraps that are shredded, mixed with polyurethane and formed into sheets. Blended leather is also called bonded leather and reconstituted leather.


Coated leather is defined as a product that has a finish thickness of less than 30 percent but greater than 0.15 mm. The British Standards for leather state that if the leather is coated, the thickness of the surface layer must be less than 0.15 mm to be described as genuine leather; therefore, coat


Manufacturers generally divide leather into five main categories: full-grain leather, top-grain leather, suede, corrected-grain leather and bonded leather. Many companies advertise leather based on their own numbering systems, since there is no industry-standard numbering system for grading leather.


Mild soap and bottled or distilled water are recommended cleaning products for leather bags or purses, while mild detergent, microfiber cloth and clean water are advised for cleaning leather furniture. A person should always spot test the cleaning product on a tiny area before cleaning the entire fu


Textured leather is treated leather made with a texture press machine, as stated by Aspinal of London. The stamping method gives the leather a feel that is not smooth. The leather is usually finished with a wax treatment, which makes the leather more scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean.