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Glitter is back, y’all! If you’ve been paying attention to the bold makeup looks of HBO's Euphoria, then you know that glittery eyeshadow is on the rise once again.Ready to live your sparkliest life? We’ve found the best glitter shadows from brands who know how make shimmer look totally glam and grown up — nothing like the frosty lids of your middle school days.


8. Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow in Silver Lilac. Bobbi Brown’s Silver Lilac sparkly eyeshadow is one of the best glitter eyeshadows thanks to its versatility and clear shadow base. It can easily be added over another eyeshadow to give a bit of sparkle to the look. The prismatic shimmer is due to flat shaped pearl in the shadow.


It's 2019 and glitter eyeshadow has officially grown up. Ahead, we rounded up the 12 best glitter eyeshadows that are soft, subtle, and so easy to wear.


Glitter eye shadow is as glam as it gets, but it doesn't always have the strongest staying power. And sometimes things can get a little messy (read: glitter all up in your eyes). Whether you're using pressed or loose glitter, the secret weapon to keeping it on is a good base.


Glitter as a rule is used for dramatic effect in makeup for highlighting areas of the face for costuming, parties and gala events because it is so eye catching. What you are seeing in our mineral makeup products, is the small amount of mica we include in all of our formulas except for Evening Rose Veil.


Finding where to get glitter eyeshadow should not be a task because these glitter eyeshadows are available with most of the retail outlets selling makeup products.Eyeshadows come in different colour palettes and multi-dimensional shades and there are various glitter eyeshadow brands to choose from.When you are purchasing eyeshadows always remember that your glitter colours and eyeshadow ...


This silver shade will look extremely flattering on blue eyes and will make the blue in your eyes pop even more. 3. Urban Decay Moondust Palette. Lots of glitter payoff. Pigmented colors. 100% cruelty-free. Urban Decay Moondust Palette Review. I love Urban Decay, and I decided to buy this glitter eyeshadow palette as I only had matte ones and I ...


Shop eyeshadow at Sephora. Choose from wide variety of eyeshadows to make your eyes pop, from essential palettes to glitter eyeshadow and matte eyeshadow.


12 Glitter Eyeshadow Palettes to Satisfy Your Sparkly Eye Look Craving by Melanie Rud Melanie Rud is a beauty editor and expert with over a decade of experience in the industry writing for various national and regional publications.


Matte textured eyeshadows give pigment to the lid without the concern of emphasizing wrinkles like shimmery and sparkly shadows. Matte shadows come in an array of colors and the key to success in makeup application is to blend, blend, blend.