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Can you cure hole in the head disease. Following the home treatment measures from the onset of the disease, may help in curing the fish fast [10].However, if the lesions spread too much and infected the fish severely, it can even result in its death [3].. How to prevent hole in the head disease in fishes


Hole in the Head Disease This page contains information about a fish disease called Hole in the Head that sometimes infects large Oscars, other big Cichlids, Gouramis, and other Tropical Fish.


An infected fish usually develops pale, eroding holes over the head which can then proceed to move either side of the body. These patches of degradation enlarge, making the fish look as if it is being eaten alive by some unseen bug. At this stage the fish is in real trouble.


Hole in the Head Disease. Hole in the Head Disease is probably the most feared disease amongst people who keep Oscar fish. Hole in the Head Disease is not always fatal if caught early and treated. However, it can often leave terrible scarring on the fishes head which may be permanent after the disease has healed. Diagnosis


This disease is especially common in discus fish and Oscar fish and causes large cavities and soars on the head and along the lateral line of the fish. The open wounds caused by hole in the head disease are very distinctive and makes this disease easy to discover and diagnose.


The bug that caused this disease is called s.vortens google it it is usually found in the gut and symptoms start when the fish fish is stressed. I do not have any first hand experience with this disease I am sure the others will chime in but they will need to know some more information to help you. Tank size Tankmates Filtration Water change ...


Hole in the Head disease (HITH) Description. Hole in the head (HITH) also known as lateral line erosion is a disease that is most commonly associated with cichlids, but can affect all kinds of fish. It effects the head area and along the lateral line causing erosion to the surface which can deteriorate and have horrific results, usually ...


Head and lateral line erosion, (HLLE) or hole-in-the-head (HITH) is a disease in fish.Chronic ulcerative dermatopathy or chronic erosive dermatopathy are symptoms of similar conditions with different etiology.


Hole in the head disease is a fairly common disease of freshwater tropical fish that primarily affects cichlids, discus, and oscars. Another common name for this disease is lateral line erosion. There are several suspected causes of this disease, and while it can be fatal, if treated early, most fish can survive.


(This disease is often confused with another disease called Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE), which use to be called "hole-in-the-head" disease, because both these diseases are often seen simultaneously in the same fish. Head and Lateral Line Erosion disease looks like cavities or pits on the head and face.