Types of soil erosion include splash erosion, sheet erosion, rill erosion, gully erosion, stream channel erosion, tunnel erosion and tillage erosion. Soil erosion may be geologic or accelerated. Geologic erosion takes pl... More »

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Soil erosion is a natural or artificial process where the top layers of soil are blown or washed away from wind or water. Most soil erosion is caused by natural sources like wind and rain. More »

Soil erosion is caused when elements such as wind and rain remove surface soil. The eroded soil is then carried away and deposited by the wind or rain. More »

The four types of erosion are sheet erosion, rill erosion, gully erosion and splash erosion. Erosion is defined as the withering away of the surface of land by either rain or irrigation water, wind or ice. More »

Three methods of soil conservation include the prevention of soil erosion, reducing tillage and rotational grazing to prevent overgrazing. Soil conservation and water conservation are achieved simultaneously and go hand-... More »

The three major types of erosion are the transporting of soil or rocks by moving water, wind or ice. Water is the primary force behind erosion. The waves of the ocean, movement of a river and falling of rain are all ways... More »

The major types of soil found in India include black, saline, laterite, mountain, desert, alluvial, red, yellow and peat.. Soil is formed through weathering, erosion and deposition. More »