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Rooting mediums, such as soil, sand and peat moss, help a plant stem, leaf or root cutting to grow roots, creating a new, viable plant. Many plants may also require a growth hormone, and an additional heat source to root properly. Though some plants root easily in water...


As of 2014, there is no credible scientific evidence that supports the existence of the psychic powers claimed by mediums, the practice of purportedly communicating with the spirits of the dead. The practice of mediums and séances dates back to early human history but h...


Aspiring mediums can learn to hone their skills through frequent practice, meditation and training courses. Mediums are individuals with strong intuitive energy who are able to communicate with spirits.


A medium-sized star is one that ranges from about one to three solar masses and follows the main sequence of a star's lifetime. Medium-sized stars, such as the sun, can live for billions of years, while their larger counterparts burn out more quickly.


The two main types of roots are taproots and fibrous roots. Taproot plants have long primary roots that are used to obtain water from deep sources. Fibrous root plants have masses of fine, slender roots that branch out from the stem.


Overall, in scientific contexts the word "medium" refers to a substance or material in which something exists or grows or through which something can move or otherwise travel. The word "medium" and its plural, "media," can have multiple applications in various areas of ...


In art, "medium" refers to the physical objects used by artists to convey messages to audiences through the senses. Mediums used by artists vary widely, and range from tools including paints, brushes, pencils and pastels used by traditional artists, to instruments, voic...