RAM, short for random access memory, is used by computers to store data that is being used currently or was recently used. Accessing data stored in RAM is much quicker than directly accessing data stored on the hard driv... More »

RAM is a short-term temporary form memory, as the memory is lost when the computer is turned off. RAM can also automatically be overwritten by computer programs that require the space. More »

RAM is used for a variety of tasks and is highly versatile, as opposed to ROM and CMOS, which contain crucial — and permanent, in the case of ROM — data related to systems operation, while virtual memory and cache are us... More »

The amount of random access memory, or RAM, needed varies from computer to computer. A simple computer properties check shows how much RAM is currently installed on a computer. More »

Computer memory facilitates short-term data access while computer storage enables long-term data access. Storage includes drives (solid state, flash, optical, hard) and memory includes DRAM, SDRAM and RDRAM chips that lo... More »

HP's online store provides random access memory, or RAM, specifications for the company's Pavilion series of desktop computers. These include the HP Pavilion desktop computers 550-030z, 550-045t and 550-050qe models. More »

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There are two main functionality differences between RAM and flash memory: RAM is volatile and flash memory is non-volatile, and RAM is much faster than flash memory. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. More »