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Baptism, christening, and dedication ceremonies serve as an introduction of the child to the church and follow the sacraments as ordered by God. This is a solemn but joyous occasion that follows the church's customs, so make sure you understand what is expected of you.


What Is Proper Christening Etiquette? When planning a christening ceremony, provide the church or officiant with information about the child’s name, names of the godparents and how many guests may attend. Many host families also send out formal invitations. If attending a christening, guests are expected to abide by the church’s customs ...


Baptism gift etiquette and having good etiquette and manners prepared never hurts. A baptism represents a religious event. A child is being received into the church and congregation. This is a little different from a christening in which a child traditionally receives his or her name. Note, however, that many baptisms combine these two into one ...


At almost every baptism ceremony, traditional etiquette states that godparents have an obligation to provide a gift. Depending on the branch of Christianity, these gifts differ. In the Greek Orthodox Church, godparents traditionally purchase the outfit and cross necklace that the child wears.


A baptism is simply a formal ceremony that brings the child (or adult) into the faith of their choosing. But with any ceremony, there is always some sort of etiquette attached to it. This article will give you some pointers on baptism etiquette. Some Basic Baptism Etiquette


In matters of money, baptism gift etiquette is surprisingly welcoming. Christenings and baptisms are proper times to think of the baby's future. In keeping with time-honored practices, many well-wishers choose to present savings bonds or investment certificates in the baby's name. Ideas for Baptism Gifts


Baptism vs. Christening. In Catholicism, these two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are a little different. Christening refers to the naming ceremony while a baptism represents a child being received into the church. In some traditions, a christening is reserved for the baptism of infants.


The christening dress is always especially elaborate and beautiful. Often it is one that was worn by the baby’s mother, father, or even its grand or great-grandparent. Baby clothes should be as sheer as possible and as soft. The ideal dress is of mull with much or little valenciennes lace (real) and finest hand embroidery.


Baptism, christening, and dedication ceremonies are sacred events that serve as an introduction of the child to the church. It is a celebration that is both solemn and joyous. While knowledge of baptism etiquette is important, just know that your attendance alone shows the family your appreciation, respect and support of their religion and customs.


Anyone know proper etiquette for a catholic baptism? ... Catholic Baptism Etiquette? Shandie_725 member. September 2010. We didn't do invites to the actual Baptism since it was a small event with only family. We did send invites for the BBQ we held a few weeks later.