Progressive hair color gradually colors the hair by creating pigments that darken the hair over multiple applications. This type of hair coloring technique is subtle and results in a more youthful appearance, but the res... More »

Color Oops removes color from the hair and helps bring the hair back to its previous hue. As the name implies, Color Oops helps correct color jobs that have gone wrong. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

To color your hair using Matrix hair color, you need Matrix dye and Matrix cream developer. Other supplies needed include hair conditioner, a shower cape, a comb, a dye brush, an old towel, a usable towel, disposable glo... More »

For a standard color application, leave Clairol Professional hair color in for 30 minutes, and to completely cover gray, 45 minutes is recommended. During the coloring process, the first 15 minutes the color is on the ha... More »

To remove rust from hair, use a hair color remover, then apply hair dye to get new color. Choose matching hair dye before removing color to get the best match. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Techniques for dyeing the hair multiple colors depends on what type of color is being used; for multiple shades of the same color, such as multi-tone blonde highlights, the technique will require fewer steps than the pro... More »

In most hair color applications, colorists mix an equal amount of developer and color together. This formula is often referred to in parts or as a ratio. For example, the ratio 1 to 1 means to mix one part color with one... More »