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Founded on Biblical principles, Premier Designs is intentional about honoring God, enriching lives, and serving others. We believe people are our most important asset, and since 1985 we have placed individuals before profits. If you are looking for a different kind of company, consider Premier.


Flexible hours, getting paid on the spot, & unlimited career potential! A direct sales company, Premier Designs offers you an opportunity to earn extra income.


Premier Designs was intended to provide busy single women and especially single moms with an opportunity to supplement the family income and have fun at the same time, while setting ones own hours by booking home parties.


This review evaluates what Premier Designs is all about, what it offers, its benefits, as well as its shortcomings, to help you decide whether you can trust it or not. About Premier Designs. Premier Designs is a company that specializes in high quality fashion jewelry.


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Premier Designs, Inc. - 1551 Corporate Dr, Irving, Texas 75038 - Rated 4.7 based on 3,412 Reviews "I ordered a ring and it shipped in the wrong size. The...


Premier Designs reviews: I have been contacting your executives from Feb 21 but no response your side. Expensive jewelry and bad quality. Breaks and tarnishes easily. Junk...cheap junk jewelry! Not what I ordered and it was used. Complaint. Overpriced Costume Junk.


Q: Why should I hire Premier Designs when another designer is willing to do it much cheaper? Cost is an important factor when making any purchase — both business owners and consumers will attest to that. However, would you hire a friend who “does brain surgery as a hobby” just because he was a cheaper option than going to the hospital?


Premier Designs has an extremely generous 10% commission payment on your down line’s wholesale, and it has blessed my family so much! How has Premier Designs helped you bless other moms/women? By sharing the Premier Designs opportunity with other moms and women, I have been able to help them achieve the desires of their hearts.


The ultimate embroidery software system contains everything, the complete suite of embroidery tools, wizards, fonts and designs, including exclusive modules and bonus designs and embellishments. Create embroideries or quilt blocks automatically, or design your own masterpiece with total control over stitch effects with PREMIER+™ 2 ULTRA.