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The use of potato is a relatively recent innovation, occurring after the introduction of the potato to Europe in the 16th century. Potato gnocchi are particularly popular in Abruzzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, and Lazio. As with other mashed potato dishes they are best prepared with starchy potatoes to keep a light texture. History


Get Potato Gnocchi Recipe from Food Network. Cook’s Note. If the gnocchi are not to be cooked right away, they should be frozen.


Combine 1 cup mashed potato, flour and egg in a large bowl. Knead until dough forms a ball. Shape small portions of the dough into long "snakes". On a floured surface, cut snakes into half-inch pieces. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Drop in gnocchi and cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until gnocchi have risen to the top; drain ...


With a few simple ingredients and a little muscle, go homemade with your own classic dumplings. Whether you pair it with a tomato sauce or pesto, potato gnocchi is a deliciously hearty pasta to serve up for any occasion. Recipe: Homemade Potato Gnocchi With a few simple ingredients and a little ...


Classic Italian potato gnocchi recipe. How to make gnocchi, or light potato dumplings, made with baking potatoes, egg yolks, and flour. Photography Credit: Elise Bauer Gnocchi, an Italian Classic. My parents took their first trip to Europe a couple of years ago, spending a week in the Tuscany region of Italy. They both came back inspired by the ...


Gnocchi are Italian dumplings that are made with potatoes and flour then boiled just until they're fluffy little pillows of goodness. A simple sauce of butter, fresh sage leaves, and Parmesan is a classic accompaniment to gnocchi, and it's easy to make.


The word “gnocchi” is derived from the Italian word “nocchio,” meaning a “knot in wood.” Most Italian chefs say that the secret behind perfect gnocchi is the right potato. The best are ones high in starch and low in water content, such as the russet potato. The less water in the dough, the less gummy it will be.


Gnocchi Recipes Whether you buy premade gnocchi or make potato, ricotta, or butternut squash gnocchi from scratch, you'll love these five-star recipes! Inspiration and Ideas Tips & Tricks Gnocchi I "This simple potato, flour, and egg recipe is one my family has used for generations." – Anna


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Get Potato Gnocchi Recipe from Food Network. Kosher salt. 1 pound russet potatoes. 3 to 4 large egg yolks. 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan