In the United States, the birth certificate number is located in the upper right hand corner of the certificate. The location of the number can vary depending on the state that issued the certificate, but most today use ... More »

Birth certificate numbers are given to children at birth as a means of identification. Birth certificate numbers are located and labeled on every birth certificate. These numbers are never changed, which is why some chil... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Those born in the Federal Republic of Germany or the former German Democratic Republic, can obtain birth certificates by writing to the applicable Standesamt office in Germany, explains the German Missions in the United ... More »

Individuals born in the United States can request a printout of a birth certificate by contacting the Office of Vital Records in the state of birth. Each state's requirements vary, but most require a form of identificati... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To obtain a copy of your birth certificate in Arkansas, you must fill out the birth certification application provided on the Arkansas Department of Health website. Mail or deliver the form in person, along with a copy o... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To get a replacement birth certificate, call the county of your birth to verify the state-specific requirements, secure the correct method of payment and go to the county office or write a formal request for the replacem... More » Government & Politics Public Records

A birth certificate in Georgia may be obtained either by mail or in person. To obtain the certificate by mail, a signed and completed form with the required information, a copy of a photo ID, and payment by certified che... More » Government & Politics Public Records