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No matter what order is chosen, maintaining the pattern is important to keep the paragraph clear. Logical order can also apply to flow of paragraphs within an entire document. Like the organization of a paragraph, the organization of a document should consistent.


Order of Ideas. In good paragraphs, sentences are arranged in logical order. There is no one order that will work for every paragraph. But there are a few organization patterns that paragraphs often follow. For example, sentences in a paragraph may be arranged to show time or sequence of events.


In standard academic writing, the "logical sequencing of ideas" in the paragraphs of an essay amounts to the following two things: First, each paragraph is devoted to a single idea, with the least ...


The logical order of what? As a rule you want to write on something to somebody with a purpose. The most logical sequence of your narrative shall go from the known to the unknown and from the simple to the more complex. Imagine your audience and c...


The official definition of logical order is "the order in which text is typed on a keyboard." Asked in Academic Writing , English Language , Essays , Paragraph Development Sample of elimination ...


Order in the paragraph 1. ORDER IN THEPARAGRAPH 2. There are 3 orders Time Order Space order Logical sequence 3. The Time Order Discuss facts in the order in whichthey occurred. Useful in explaining process, inwriting historical event and telling astory Use transitional expression – first,past, future, now, once, soon, thenand finally. 4.


The Meaning of Spatial Order Explained With Perfect Examples. Spatial order is one of the organization tools that helps you describe details in your writing. It is considered very logical and helps the reader understand a scene or situation better. Here, we give you the meaning of spatial order with examples.


Logical flow should also occur within each PARAGRAPH. This means the move from one sentence to another should be logical. The order in which information should be presented needs to keep the reader centred on the focus of the paragraph, developing points upon this topic in a logically sequenced way.


The writing skill of ‘logical flow’ can be defined as all the aspects of your writing that help the reader move smoothly from one sentence to the next, and one paragraph to another. To illustrate, imagine that readers should ideally follow your thoughts as effortlessly as cruising down a river through the countryside.


How to Write Paragraphs. In order to write a good paragraph, students need to understand the four essential elements of paragraph writing and how each element contributes to the whole. The four elements essential to good paragraph writing are: unity, order, coherence, and completeness.