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Knotty alder wood is used to describe alder boards that have numerous visible knots. Not all alder wood boards have knots, but this is a selection favorite of carpenters trying to create a rustic aesthetic. Alder wood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because it is strong and affordable, but making the choice to...


What Is Knotty Alder? According to Jeld-Wen, knotty alder is a wood species that has a rustic look, a uniform texture and a pronounced grain. It is an ideal choice of wood for staining. If knotty alder is stained, it blends well with other wood species, such as cherry, walnut and mahogany, according to Jeld-Wen. The wood is filled with small ...


Although classified as a hardwood, alder is one of the softest of all hardwoods and is more commonly referred to as a semi-hardwood. On a hardness scale, alder ranks just above pine and poplar.


Knotty Alder is chosen for its rustic, informal appearance. Knots vary in size and distribution and include tight, sound knots as well as rustic, open and split knots. Alder is a smooth hardwood with color and graining similar to Cherry ranging from a light honey color to a reddish-brown hue.


Knotty Alder // Alnus rubra Lumber contains tight, sound knots throughout. A soft, relatively low-strength, straight-grained, even-textured wood. Works well with hand and machine tools, but sharp cutting edges need to be maintained to prevent tearing the grain.


I need pieces of knotty alder 1 x 4 x 6, long and 4 pieces of knotty alder 1 x 4 x 10, long i live in New Richmond, wi. Where or how can I get this lumber? Asked by: Denny. knotty alder comes in random lengths so you will need to measure as you pick bin. most HD carry alder in finish trim or cabinet trim dept. Answered by: LAKIMERE ...


Alder wood came into popularity as a cheap alternative to Cherry wood, which is how it earned the nickname “poor man?s cherry.” Today, Alder has grown in reputation and has thus risen in price due to its increased demand. Many owners will specifically request Alder wood to be used in the construction of their cabinets...


Alder is the common name of a genus of flowering plants (Alnus) belonging to the birch family Betulaceae. The genus comprises about 35 species of monoecious trees and shrubs, a few reaching a large size, distributed throughout the north temperate zone with a few species extending into Central America, as well as the northern and southern Andes.


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