Kanekalon, a lighter and softer hair used globally for synthetic wigs and extensions, consists of a type of synthetic fiber known as modacrylic fiber. These fibers are modified acrylic fibers that stem from acrylonitrile... More »

Kanekalon synthetic hair is top-quality and is used in hair extensions and wigs by many different companies. It feels natural, and offers softer and lighter hair which complements today's hairstyles. More »

Human hair wefts are hair extensions made from human hair instead of synthetic fiber. Hair extensions add fullness and length to one's own natural hair. Human hair wefts should be made from hair that has not been process... More »

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Remy hair is the highest quality human hair, which is popular for making wigs and hair extensions. It achieves a natural look, because all the follicles go in the same direction, and the cuticles are kept intact. More »

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While human hair wigs, as opposed to synthetic wigs, can be styled using some of the same products and tools as human hair, they still require special handling at both the washing and styling stages. Following current ha... More »

Some websites that buy and sell human hair for wigs include BuyandSellHair.com, OnlineHairAffair.com and HairSellon.com. These sites work as the middlemen between buyers and sellers. It is difficult to sell hair directly... More »

Choose the right hair extension for your short hair by considering three important factors: ensure that your hair is at least four inches long, choose an extension that is not too long compared to the length of your hair... More »

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