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Jamie Oliver's pear chutney recipe calls for 8 pears pickled in a mustard syrup. Based on the traditional Italian mostarda, the pear chutney is best served with cheese and preserved meats, though it also goes well with chicken and pork.


Jamie Oliver's recipe for cauliflower cheese soup involves preparing carrots, celery, onions, garlic and cauliflower in a large frying pan, boiling stock cubes in water, adding vegetables, cheese and mustard, and blending the soup until it is smooth. This recipe creates...


To the carrot and fennel soup in Jamie Magazine, first preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Put carrots, fennel and onion in a roasting dish, and toss with olive oil. After 20 minutes of roasting, remove the dish, add in garlic and return to the oven for an addit...


Jamie Oliver's recipe for seared scallops and creamy mash involves frying scallops with sage leaves in butter and bacon grease and pairing them with creamy mashed potatoes. The recipe takes about 40 minutes to prepare and is available at JamieOliver.com.


Chutney is a condiment mixture, South Asian in origin, that combines a mixture of spices, herbs, vegetables, or fruit. The flavors, ingredients, and preparation methods used vary by culture and geographical region.


Salmon recipes available on JamieOliver.com include one for marinated and grilled salmon and one for simple baked salmon with dill yogurt. The first recipe serves six people; the second serves eight to 10.


Jamie Oliver has a few meatloaf recipes online. Jamie magazine presents a recipe for Jamie's meatloaf. JamieOliver.com also offers recipes for DJ BBQ's world's best meatloaf and pork ,eatloaf with spaghetti sauce.