The dry time for high-gloss paint varies depending on whether the paint is oil-based or latex-based and the thickness of the coat. Dry times range from 1 to 36 hours. More »

Gloss paint is a type of paint that dries to a shiny surface and is very durable and easy to clean. Gloss paint is available in both oil-based paint and latex paint. More »

According to Living Space 360, to remove dried gloss paint you need to use a scraper in combination with paint strippers. If the paint is water-based, use methylated spirits. If the paint is oil-based, then use white spi... More »

An orange peel finish on a freshly painted item is caused by various factors including improper painting technique, extreme environmental temperature or humidity, improper drying, thickness of the paint coats, the wrong ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Glitter can be added to interior wall paint by either mixing it into an existing color of paint or adding a glitter finishing top coat to a dried coat of interior paint. To mix the glitter, make sure to buy paint applica... More »

Painting concrete requires preparing the concrete wall or concrete floor, then applying an epoxy coating if needed, followed by a base coat and a finishing coat. The step-by-step instructions for painting concrete will d... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Paint runs develop when excess paint drips from your brush, creating bumps in the finished coat. This process fixes runs that you discover once they are almost dry or completely dry, after it is too late to just wipe the... More »