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Font style refers to the size, weight, color and style of typed characters within a document, in an email or on a webpage. In other words, the font style changes the appearance of a complete set of characters that make up a typeface or font. The font dictates point size, typeface style, italicizatio


Some of the most popular font styles include Circular, Franklin Gothic, Caslon, Gotham and Apercu, according to Typewolf. Official documents require simple fonts, while designers prefer more elaborate fonts for creating logos and letterhead.


Book publishers choose from an assortment of fonts when printing a book. Some publishers create their own proprietary fonts, while others use licensed fonts. Some of the most popular fonts for books include Garamond and Janson.


Install new fonts on your Windows computer by dragging them into the Fonts system folder. You can access the Fonts folder quickly on any PC running Windows 2000 or later by using the command "%windir%fonts" in a Run window.


To install a font, find a font file, download it, locate the file on your computer, open it, and click on the Install button. In Windows, you can also install a font from the Control Panel, or on a Mac you can install a font from the Font Book application.


Some interesting fonts, all available from Fontspace.com, are Crushed, Always Beside You, Without Notice, Rain Tax, ChopinScript and BrookeShappell8. Each of these fonts is designed in a different style and is used for a different purpose.


Free color fonts are available at Free-Fonts.com, the FontFactory.com and ASubtleRevelry.com. Free-Fonts.com has 31 color fonts that are free for download, as of 2016. The fonts include Colored Crayons, Sixties, Midnight, Brookes and Marie Eve. This site also features 54 color fonts available for pu


Font size is measured from small to large through a point size system that is universally recognized by all computers and word processing programs. According to Computer Hope, "A font is typically measured in a point (pt) size, which is the vertical measurement of the lettering. There are approximat


Popular Western-style fonts include Rio Grande, Cowboy Movie, Fisticuffs, Mesquite Std Medium, Lost Saloon and Outlaw. Some software, including Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office, have pre-installed Western-style fonts, including Ironwood, Playbill, Pepperwood Std Fill, Goudy Stout and Zebrawood.


"What the Font" is an iPhone application that allows the user to photograph and identify the font used in various sources, including newspapers, magazines, posters and web pages. The image is automatically uploaded and analyzed on the developer's servers, after which the result is sent back to the u