According to Blackberry Ridge, the process of making wool fabric begins with sheering the wool off the sheep. After this, the wool is cleaned, combed into individual fibers and then spun into yarn or thread. The yarn or ... More »

Fabric is a name for a textile that is a woven material made of yarn. The yarn can be made of a variety of materials, and the most common are wool, cotton and flax. More »

Clothing companies mix cotton and spandex fabrics to get the softness of cotton and the flexibility and durability of spandex. Cotton is a natural fiber; spandex is a man-made fiber. Together, they create a hybrid that i... More »

Merino wool is made from the fleece sheared from the Merino breed of sheep. The breed was first brought to Spain in the 14th century and has since been cultivated throughout the world. More » Science Biology Zoology

Make throw pillows by cutting out squares of colorful or patterned fabric and sewing them together. If you want, you can then get creative with decorative touches. The project takes about 30 minutes. You need fabric, stu... More » Home & Garden

Percale sheets are sheets made from plain-weave fabric. This means that the threads running across--the weft--and the threads running lengthwise--the warp--weave over and under one another one at a time. This type of wea... More » Home & Garden

To remove old wallpaper, mix a paper-thinning solution of fabric softener and hot water, apply the solution to the wall, and allow the paper to absorb it. Once the paper is tender, scrub it off using a small knife. More » Home & Garden