Dacron is a trade name held by DuPont for its polyester materials and it is made specifically for sailcloth. Dacron is DuPont's Type 52 high modulus fiber; brand names of similar fibers include Terylene, Tetoron, Trevira... More »

Also called Extravehicular Mobility Units, spacesuits are pressurized garments made of various soft and hard tailor-made components, such as synthetic polymers, nylon, spandex, dacron, urethane-coated nylon, neoprene-coa... More »

The most popular material used for making a parachute is nylon because it is strong, light and resistant to rips. Other fabrics that can be used to make parachutes include dacron, kevlar and silk. More »

The use of Dacron as a fabric gained wide acceptance in 1954, after more than a decade of development. However, Dacron was used before 1954. More »

Using techniques such as thoroughly cleaning the fabric prior to dyeing, heating the water to a simmer before adding the dye and constantly moving the fabric while dyeing improves the results when dyeing polyester. Polye... More »

To get wrinkles out of polyester fabric, a person should try either dampening the polyester fabric with water and then ironing the wrinkles out or try washing the item with a permanent press setting and short permanent p... More »

Dri-FIT is a material created by Nike for fitness apparel, consisting of a microfiber and polyester fabric engineered to wick away sweat from the body. Nike makes socks, shirts, pants, shorts and many other accessories a... More »