Cold cranking amps or CCA is the maximum amount of amps that a battery can provide for 30 seconds at zero F. Two of the most important things to consider when choosing the right battery are cold cranking amps and reserve... More »

Cold weather reduces the electrical charge in a battery but increases the amount of electrical draw needed to start a vehicle, which makes the amount of cold cranking amps available critical for starting a car. Different... More »

The number of cold cranking amps a car battery should have is different for every car. It depends on both the vehicle itself and the temperature where the driver lives. More »

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It is possible to connect a 6-ohm speaker to an 8-ohm amp. While the internal impedance of the speaker is 6-ohms, the output impedance of an amplifier is essentially zero. This is due to the active control circuitry in m... More »

Bridging an amp requires red and black speaker wire that can be connected to the back of the amp. Before trying to bridge an amp, check the documentation that came with the device to ensure bridging is possible with that... More » Technology Audio Equipment

At 115 volts of current, 115 watts is equal to one amp, but the number of watts to equal an amp varies based on the current. If using a 12-volt battery to power the circuit, 12 watts is equal to one amp. More »