China is one of the largest nations in the world and has a deep, rich history. Some of the things that make China so popular are its ancient traditions, culture and medicinal practices. China's alternative and traditiona... More »

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Peasants in ancient China were mostly farmers and merchants. Farmers were respected for the food they supplied to the nation, but merchants were considered especially lowly and were prohibited from wearing silk or riding... More »

China has had several names throughout history; some of the earliest names were Wei Lu, Hua Xia, Zhong Hua, Hai Nei and Shen Zhou. China's name has changed depending on the dynasty or government ruling over the country a... More »

China had several alternative names in ancient times including Chixian Shenzhou, Hua and Xia. The oldest is Chixian Shenzhou, which means the sacred earth and divine land. This reference was found in a book dating betwee... More »

Both rich and poor people in Ancient China lived in houses that were constructed primarily with pounded earth and timber framing in areas where wood was not scarce. Many poor people lived in homes made entirely of pounde... More »