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The character versus society conflict is when a person believes in something regarding an issue in which the community disagrees. The person is then forced to make a decision to conform to what the community believes or risk public scrutiny for continuing to believe in what he feels is right.


A character vs. society conflict is an external conflict that occurs in literature when the protagonist is placed in opposition with society, the government, or a cultural tradition or societal norm of some kind. Characters may be motivated to take action against their society by a need to survive, a moral sense of right and wrong, or a desire ...


When you are reading a piece of literature or watching a movie and the main conflict is a character going against society, that is a man versus society conflict. The definition of this kind of ...


Character vs. society is simply when a character is against (in conflict with) society. An example I can think of is Farenheit 451. The main character, Guy Montag, is sort of battling against society and its "rules" and such.


External conflicts in fiction – conflicts between characters and outside sources rather than inner battles – are an important part of storytelling. ‘Man vs society’ (or, rather, person vs society) is a conflict authors often use to explore society and culture.


A man vs man is when any character has a conflict or problem with another character. Often it is the main character having conflict or a problem with another important character but this is not ...


Who or what is the antagonist of the character vs. society conflict in the passage above? a.the stupidity shown by Lord Munodi b.the king of Laputa and the cabal of ministers c.the new policies adopted by the people in Lagado d.the feelings of Lord Munodi towards the king of Laputa


In Character vs. Society, a character or a group of characters are in conflict with a society's social traditions or norms. Society itself is often looked at as single character, just as an opposing party would be. There are many science fiction films set in the future where a character is up against the society and their rules and/or traditions.


A common approach for this standard is to teach about types of literary conflict in conjunction with the literature being studied: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Self, and Man vs. Technology.


An internal conflict is an example with oneself (for example: should I be healthy and exercise or should i have this cake and feel happy about it;) ) - so the correct answer is character vs. self. the remaining options are external conflicts.