The abbreviation CTTW refers to the total carat weight of gemstones in a piece of jewelry. Some pieces of jewelry have different gem pieces, such as a center stone surrounded by smaller, accent stones, including baguette... More »

Although it can be difficult to sell loose gemstones if they are not set in jewelry, they are often easy to sell to local jewelers and on online auction houses such as eBay. Local jewelers frequently accept legitimate, n... More »

Raw gemstones are sold through online marketplaces, to local gemstone and jewelry stores, and at gem show exhibitions. Rough and cut stones are auctioned on eBay, Gem Rock Auctions and the Gemology Marketplace. Contact l... More »

Locate silver markings by simply looking at the inside or back of the piece of jewelry you are trying to identify. Most, if not all, silver is marked with the grade of silver from which it is made. The most common markin... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems

Metal is usually engraved through a process involving a diamond drag engraving tool that pushes slivers of metal to each side of the tool so a simple message may be added to a piece of jewelry. Amateurs often mistake a p... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems

To date gold, it is necessary to check the hallmark on the piece of jewelry or gold item. The date is shown by a letter in the hallmark, so some research is needed in order to link the letter to a date. A cleaning cloth ... More »

The "Heart of the Ocean" was never found because it was only a fictional piece of jewelry featured in the James Cameron film, "Titanic." The British jewelers Asprey & Garrad were consigned to fashion the blue diamond nec... More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems