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Woodblock printing (or block printing) is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later paper. As a method of printing on cloth, the earliest surviving examples from China date to before 220 AD.


Block printing is using a carved piece of wood or other type of block to imprint an image on fabric or paper. In the early days of printing, it was used to print entire books. The Chinese used block printing for books as early as the 9th century. They would carve a page of words into a block and use ink to reproduce it on a page.


The Printing Process: Block Printing. Happy Monday everyone! Every morning this week, I’ll be running a series of guests posts about different printing methods – so if you’ve ever wondered why certain printing methods are best for certain kinds of designs (or cost more than others), this is for you!


What's it going to be? You can't always tell by looking at an object how it is going to print. Yes, some are pretty obvious, such as the dice. But others are complete surprises. Before printing on a sheet of fabric, play around a bit on paper: Practice patterns on paper, but if you plan to print on fabric, also test how the paint looks on a swatch.


Block printing can be time-intensive and requires great technical skill but is widely appreciated for its craftsmanship. That's a technique worth admiring. To unlock this lesson you must be a ...


A block print is a piece of printed material made using the block printing technique. In block printing, the printer carves the design to be printed into a solid block, much like a stamp. The design can include text or be purely visual, and the block can be applied to paper or textiles.


How to Block Print. Block printing is a popular printmaking technique that originated in China more than a thousand years ago. Traditionally, the artist carved an image in relief onto a block of wood, producing a "stamp" that could be...


What is the history of block printing? Block printing has a long history that spans thousands of years. Originating in East Asia, the technique existed in China as early as the 2nd century CE; one of the earliest surviving woodblock printings was done before 220 CE.

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Block print definition is - to print (something, such as a book) from hand-cut wooden blocks —used chiefly of printers' practice before the general adoption of movable types. How to use block print in a sentence.


Woodblock printing on textiles is the process of printing patterns on textiles, usually of linen, cotton or silk, by means of incised wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing.Block printing by hand is a slow process. It is, however, capable of yielding highly artistic results, some of which are unobtainable by any other method.