Fava beans are also known as broad beans. They look similar to pea pods, but they are larger. Fava beans are time-consuming to peel; the outer pod needs to be removed and so does the outer skin of the individual beans. More »

White beans are also known as navy beans or haricot beans. Northern beans or flageolet beans can be substituted for white beans in some recipes. More »

Pinto beans, red beans, kidney beans, chili beans and white navy beans are all commonly used as ingredients in chili. Chili is a versatile dish with many different varieties, and some chili styles don't use any beans at ... More »

To dry beans, leave the drying pods on the plant until they are brown, dry and rattling, or pluck the beans and spread them in sunlight. If the weather is expected to be wet or frosty, pluck the pods, and hang them on a ... More »

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The difference between a legume and a bean is that a legume is a class of vegetables that includes beans. Although beans are always legumes, not all legumes are beans. Other types of legumes include chickpeas, edamame, a... More »

Edamame beans are most commonly grown in East Asia. Edamame, a preparation of soybeans that involves steaming or boiling immature beans in the pod, is most common in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Hawaiian cuisine. More »

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Any white beans can be substituted for Great Northern beans. These include Cannellini beans and navy beans. All of these beans have a mild and slightly nutty flavor. More »