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For example, scarification has been widely used by many West African tribes to mark milestone stages in both men and women's lives, such as puberty and marriage. It is also used to transmit complex messages about identity; such permanent body markings may emphasize fixed social, political, and religious roles.


These days, many of my fellow African brothers and sisters sport tattoos of some European or foreign symbols on their skins. These symbols are usually alien to our cultures, traditions, thinking, and history. So I thought about talking about scarification, which could be called an "ancient" African culture of tattoos. For starters, Africa has a rich culture of scarification.…


This Is The Last Generation Of Scarification In Africa. By Katherine Brooks. Joana Choumali's series "Hââbré, The Last Generation" traces the final remnants of a dying tradition. The Kô language word means "writing," but also stands for the practice of scarification that's common to West Africa. Followers of the custom place superficial ...


Scarification among African cultures Among the recurrent formal qualities that can be found in African sculpture, scarification, along with hairstyles, is generally represented idealistically, implying its importance as a major aesthetic and cultural component. Among the Yoruba there is a "veritable connoisseurship"


Africa scarification history shows that while scarring may seem like a new and avant garde form of body art, the practice is really quite ancient. Find out more about past scarification practices and how scarring fits into modern society.


In some African cultures, scarification is a sign of courage and it also serves as identity. For example, each tribe might have a specific design for scarification so that people can be identified easily. donasmrs Post 2: @candyquilt-- I don't agree with you because scarification in most cultures, or for most people is not about harming ...


Scarification is practiced for many different reasons depending on which part of Africa you come from and the cultural beliefs of your tribe. Below are a number of reasons why scarification was/is practoiced in different parts of the African Continent: Scarification is usually more visible on darker skinned people than tattoos.


The procedure, known as scarification, is a form of extreme and permanent body modification that is offered in many tattoo and piercing stores across the country and is gaining popularity


Scarification definition is - the act or process of scarifying. How to use scarification in a sentence. the act or process of scarifying; a mark or marks made by scarifying… See the full definition. SINCE 1828. Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search features—ad free! JOIN NOW ...


scarification: [ skar″ĭ-fĭ-ka´shun ] production in the skin of many small superficial scratches or punctures, as for introduction of vaccine. Erroneously used to mean scarring.