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The decimal 2.25 is equal to the fraction 9/4. The decimal first needs to be converted to the basic fraction 2 1/4 before being converted to an improper fraction. The top of a fraction is called the numerator while the bottom is known as the denominator. The whole number standing before a fraction is referred to as an integer.


2.25 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 225/100.


2.25 can also be considered 2 + 0.25. We will hold the 2 for now and convert the decimal 0.25 to the fraction 1/4 (0.25 goes to the hundredths place after the decimal point, thus it is out of a ...

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Convert to a Fraction 2.25. Convert the decimal number to a fraction by placing the decimal number over a power of ten. Since there are numbers to the right of the decimal point, place the decimal number over . Next, add the whole number to the left of the decimal.


How to Convert a Decimal to a Fraction - Steps. Step 1: Write down the decimal as a fraction of one (decimal/1); Step 2: If the decimal is not a whole number, multiply both top and bottom by 10 until you get an interger at the numerator.


What is 2.25 as a fraction? Algebra Linear Equations Conversion of Decimals, Fractions, and Percent. 1 Answer mizoo Apr 24, 2018 Answer: #9/4# Explanation: #2.25 = 225/100 = (25 xx 9)/(25xx4) = 9/4# Related questions. What is a percent? How are percents, decimals, and fractions related? How do you convert percents to decimals and decimals to ...


2.25% as a fraction. Here you can learn how to write or convert any percentage to a fraction. Use the percent to fraction calculator below to learn how to write any percentage as a fraction. How to Convert a Percent to a Fraction - Steps. Step 1: Write down the percent divided by 100;


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how can i turn 2.25 into a fraction? ... How to read .225 as a fraction? What is the simplified answer to the fraction 45/225? How is .225 written in a fraction? More questions. What's 225% as a fraction? What is 225/100 reduced as a fraction AND as a ratio? Answer Questions.


Here's how to convert 2.25 to a fraction... There is not much that can be done to figure out how to write 2.25 as a fraction, except to literally use what the decimal portion of your number, the .25, means.. Since there are 2 digits in 25, the very last digit is the "100th" decimal place.