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"A Kind of Murder," by Hugh Pentecost, is a short story that appeared in "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine" in August 1962. The story is autobiographical and is based on the author's experiences during his youth when he attended Morgan Military Academy.


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a kind of murder essaysIn the story, "A Kind of Murder" By Hugh Pentecost as a young boy living in a military school comes face to face with a situation involving self sacrifice but ending in shame. The true murder that he commits is the result of the conflict he has within himself blindin


In the beginning of the story Pentecost is introduced to the new teacher, Mr. Warren. Then...there was a change Pentecost's change greatly affected Mr. Warren. The character change of Pentecost relates to the title when it says, "You see what I mean when I say it was a kind of


A Kind of Murder Group Write (First answer the questions individually) 1. How would you define peer pressure? 2. What are some examples of peer pressure that you are familiar with? 3. Why are some unaffected by peer pressure? 4. What are some of the characteristics of bullying? What do bullies look for? 5.


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Quote #3 A Kind Of Murder By: Hugh Pentecost Quote #5 " Mr.Warren knew what was happening now. He looked down at me, and there was an agonizing, wordless plea for help in his eyes. I- well, i looked away. I was fifteen. I didn't want to be called a do-gooder. I didnt want to be


Hugh Pentecost was a penname of mystery author Judson Philips.Born in Massachusetts, Philips came of age during the golden age of pulp magazines, and spent the 1930s writing suspense fiction and sports stories for a number of famous pulps.


A great anthology of short stories for English or ESL. The following is a list of the authors and short stories that we use in class.