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Bell Curve: When IQ scores are plotted on a graph, they typically follow a bell-shaped curve. The peak of the "bell" occurs where the majority of the scores lie. The bell then slopes down to each side; one side represents scores that are lower than the average, and the other side represents scores that are above the average. Mean: The mean is the average score.


A genius-level IQ is any score over 140. IQ scores are separated into different tiers that indicate intelligence. A score of 120 to 140 is considered very high intelligence.


145-154 - Genius (e.g., professors) 155-164 - Genius (e.g., Nobel Prize winners) 165-179 - High genius; 180-200 - Highest genius >200 - "Unmeasurable genius" More notes on High IQ and Genius IQ: Einstein was considered to "only" have an IQ of about 160. Mensa is a society for people with high IQ, in the top 2% (1 in 50).


By the 1937 second revision of the Stanford–Binet test, Terman no longer used the term "genius" as an IQ classification, nor has any subsequent IQ test. In 1939, Wechsler wrote "we are rather hesitant about calling a person a genius on the basis of a single intelligence test score."


High IQ & Genius IQ. Genius or near-genius IQ is considered to start around 140 to 145. Less than 1/4 of 1 percent fall into this category. Here are some common designations on the IQ scale: 115-124 - Above average 125-134 - Gifted 135-144 - Very gifted 145-164 - Genius 165-179 - High genius 180-200 - Highest genius


Is an IQ of 139 considered genius or gifted, according to the WISC scale? Is 148 IQ wisc test score on a 7 years old considered genius or gifted? Is 135 IQ a genius? Antonio Kowatsch, I have an IQ that's 3 standard deviations above the mean. Answered Mar 6, 2016 · Author has 1.1k answers and 4.9m answer views.


A genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creative productivity, universality in genres or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge.Despite the presence of scholars in many subjects throughout history, many geniuses have shown high achievements in only a single kind of activity.


According to the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Fifth Edition, an average IQ score is any score within the range of 80-119, where scores closer to 80 are considered Low Average, and scores closer to 119 are considered High Average. Next, the range considered Superior is within 120-129, above which is the Gifted range, 130-145.


A score of more than 140 is counted as a high IQ, and a score of more than 160 is considered to be a genius IQ score. Average intelligence IQ scores range between 85 and 114. Intelligence tests are based on the original test developed in the early 1900s by Alfred Binet.


More notes on High IQ and Genius IQ: Einstein was considered to "only" have an IQ of about 160. Mensa is a society for people with high IQ, in the top 2% (1 in 50).