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Hydrochloric acid is corrosive and can cause severe burns if it comes in contact with eyes or skin. It's also a very useful chemical that can really work on items that are hard to clean. While not in everyday cleaners you'll find around your house, it is found in a number of household items.


Hydrochloric acid is found in some personal care products, such as Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 2-In-1 Moisturizing Shampoo Plus Conditioner, which contains less than 0.5 percent. It is also found in pet products, such as Tetra Pond Fish Treatment, which contains less than 2.5 percent.


Chemical Information Chemical Name: Hydrochloric acid: CAS Registry Number: 007647-01-0: Synonyms: Hydrochloric acid; Muriatic acid; Hydrochloric acid [JAN]; Hydrogen chloride ... Products that contain this ingredient Brand: Category: Form: Percent: MaryKate On & Off Hull & Bottom Cleaner MK2032-12/11/2012: Auto Products: liquid:


Looking at the US department of HHS website, the vast majority of household products that contain HCl are toilet bowl cleaners. There are a few products on the market which are just dilute acid. These are usually marketed under the alternate name ...


If the acid does not contain oxygen, the name of that acid will end with the suffix -ic Hydrochloric acid HCl does not contain oxygen. share: Does paint stripper contain hydrochloric acid?


Best Answer: Hydrogen chloride in a water solution IS hydrochloric acid, I doubt there are any household products that contain anhydrous HCl. Probably very few that contain hydrochloric acid either, here in the US some toilet bowl cleaners contain several percent of hydrochloric acid.


Toothpaste contains a minimum amoun of ALKALI to kill the acids off your teeth! Other household items contain alkalisuch as Black coffee and various oven cleaners.


An acid is a substance that donates hydrogen ions. Because of this, when an acid is dissolved in water, the balance between hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions is shifted. Now there are more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions in the solution. This kin...


Hydrochloric acid is a very corrosive acid that is useful for a number of household maintenance tasks. It removes rust from metal, it balances the pH of swimming pools and it can also be used to clean toilets and porcelain tiles.


When released into soil, this acid evaporates from the surfaces of dry soil while in moist soil, it dissociates into hydronium and chloride ions. Exposure to hydrochloric acid can occur through inhalation or dermal contact with products that contain these compounds.